Sunday, January 1, 2012

What is the difference between a Seadoo GSX jet ski and a Seadoo XP?

I'm looking at late 90's 96-99 models.

I want to know which one is faster, has the adjustment on the jet direction(to shoot out of the water- sorry don't know the terminology), and any other helpful information about the differences between the two models.|||Looks like the GSX is much heavier than the XP. For racing on flat water or on courses the XP will out perform, but in heavy seas then the additional weight of the GSX becomes an advantage and allows it to outperform the XP. I quote from the website below:

"The 785 GSX is something of a “forgotten” model because it often sat in the shadow of it’s wildly successful little brother (the smaller 96XP 785). Unlike the smaller XP, the GSX was seldom used for closed course racing because it couldn’t quite match the horsepower to weight ratio of the little XP. However the little XP was no match for the larger GSX in big rough water…. And a strong rider on a GSX could easily match any high speed turning maneuver of the little XP hull."

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